April 12, 2022

Indiana, USA


Today I was mindlessly using my phone and then it happened. I got a notification from Robinhood saying it has just activiated a few more cryptocurrencies to be able to be bought and sold. Robinhood, has a new section titled “Newly Listed Crypto” within the app.

The new cryptos are:

  • Compound ( Compound)
  • Solana ( SOL)
  • Shibu Inu ( SHIB )
  • Polygon ( MATC)


These cryptos are already available on various wallets, but Robinhood’s millions of users may be excited about all of these cryptos being able to be easily managed via Robinhood. Although NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, my predictions is that SHIB’s value will skyrocket simply because it is the cheapest of the 4 to obtain.


Just last year dogecoin was in a similar position before it became more expensive then a dime, after once being worth fractions of a penny.


Crytpocurrencies are not FDIC insured and can “bankrupt” at anytime. So “invest” at your own risk everyone!


Any ideas of what will be the next big Crypto? Voice your opinions in the comments below!


By LeGamerForever

Editor for the pleasant site of SDNIA.com.