Guns and Spurs 2 is scheduled for release in a few days.

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(Updated 5/2/2020 with a few more questions answered).


Can you please introduce yourself to our eager fans?

Sakis: My name is Sakis, I’m an indie games developer from Greece. I started game development as a hobby in early 2005 with Game Maker. I was one of the first developers back then focused on 3D games using Game Maker (which is mostly for 2D games). Also known from the Game Maker Community as the creator of the games Crimelife, Guns & Spurs, Mythology, Super Smash Battle and more. Now I use Unity3D to develop games for iOS, Android and PC.


Guns and Spurs 2 looks like a cleaner and larger sequel. Can you describe the game please?

Sakis: Guns and Spurs 2 is my biggest project so far. It’s been in development for more than two years. Everything had to be done again from the start, there is no comparison in the quality level between this one  and the first entry. All the code has been done from scratch and it took me a while but it was necessary to get best result.


Is the story as dark as the first one or is he just a bounty hunter?

Sakis: Guns and Spurs 2 follows a completely new story with a different main character. A more lighter I can say. The main character is Jack Lane, a bounty hunter that just arrived in town to find a better life. He is also a bounty hunter, one of the best in the West. Outlaws are roaming freely on the streets so he was necessary to put an end to this. Your objective is to capture 33 wanted outlaws, that alone requires not only your weapons but a good strategy. You always have the option to capture or kill the outlaws. But only when you capture them alive will give you the reward in full.


Can you go over the gameplay mechanics and the goal of the player?

Sakis: The game has the biggest world set in the Old West and never seen  before on mobile. You can just call your horse and go explore anywhere from the very beginning. There are a plenty of activities you can do  too. Most of them appear as a “?” mark on your map so you must go  there to see what it is all about. But a very important mechanic in  the game is your lasso. You can capture criminals by throwing it at them. Then you can pick them up stow on your horse and lead them to jail for money. You can then spend your money on new clothes for your  character, weapons, skins for your horse,  properties etc. There  are so many things to do and see in this game.


The game is coming soon for android, any plans for iOS, desktop and consoles?

Sakis: IOS version is also coming the same day as the Android version, on  May 1st. The game is also planned for a PC release later this year. I  would love  to see this game coming on Switch too; however, this will  need more time and also a good publisher to help me with the whole  process.


What differs this from Red Dead Redemption?

Sakis: It’s hard to not compare it to RDR2 since they are both open-world Western games. However even if the game got inspiration from RDR2 I believe it has something unique too. The whole art style, the way you interact with the world and the freedom the game offers you makes the game unique especially if you come think about that all this world is running on your smartphone.


How many people worked on this game?

Sakis: Just me. I’m used to work alone on my games. It’s really the way I pass my free time. I did the programming and the level design. For the graphics I used many of the assets found in various stores but I’ve also edited them to suit my needs. A friend helped me with some of the character textures, that helped me speed up the process a little bit. I have also worked an all the interiors and the cut-scenes in the game.


I see that controller support works, how hard was it to make this on mobile?

Sakis: Not hard at all. Unity handles the controller input very well. However I had to test it on many controllers and I had to do some adjustments to make it work in all of them right. It should work with any Bluetooth controller and also PS4 and Xbox One controllers should work just fine (at least on Android).


What inspired you to make a sequel?

Sakis: I think a lot of things were missing from the first game. I wanted to make a lot of changes but it was very difficult and the best way was to do it from scratch. I really liked the idea of the player having a lasso like a real cowboy and being able to catch the bad guys. Maybe that’s why lasso became such an important tool in this game. I also wanted to create a big world where the player could explore and go anywhere. I think I did well in all the above.


How long can gamers plan to spend on this game?

Sakis: As much as possible. I want players to be able to open the game every day and explore something different each time. There are 33 bounties to find and capture in the game to complete the main story. That alone takes a lot of time. But at the same time there are many other activities players can do in the game and many secrets to find including collectables, treasures and some well hidden easter eggs.


How can players find more about the game?

Sakis: From the official page here: and also I post very often about news or tips about the game on my twitter page here: .


Amended questions:


Any chance of remasters of Crime Lie or Mythology for consoles and PC made via Unity?

Sakis: was already remade in Unity for mobile platforms. Its called Gunshot City now. Here is the play store link:


I really want to remake Mythology too. Maybe in the future.

How do you create your game worlds?

Sakis: I use Unity and various tools and plugins to better help me work on the level design. Not many complex things here, Unity and it’s terrain tools work just fine for the level design.

What tech do you use for modeling and animations?

Sakis: For 3d models I use Blender. I was used to work on 3d studio max but now Blender feels more flexible to me. Same with the animations.


Guns and Spurs 2 is scheduled to be released on May 1st for both IOS and Android. You can pre-order them on the Apple store or Google Play store.


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