I’ve been pretty adamant about a future update coming, but was I wrong?

Watch the trailer below to see:


With the carbon footprint recently lowered, earth day will sure will be a good way to keep gamers indoors and lowering their use of those “pesky fossil fuels”… Those time travelers still have to wait real time for the update and I love it!


Super Mario Maker 2 Large Update inbound!

Next, in the cover of darkness, they also released a new trailer for Super Mario Maker 2. I can’t believe my eyes, so many new additions and best of all the World Map editor!



Both of these games seem to have much promise, with the Super Mario Maker 2, being the last large update, we can only wait to see what players make up!


What do you think of both of these updates? Will you be home for a considerable amount of time playing em?


By LeGamerForever

Editor for the pleasant site of SDNIA.com.