Yea, it’s been a few days since my last post. This game is lowkey addicting.

But yea, before we begin this post may contain spoilers. Please note I’ve only reached day 6 on the island, but this post may involve also traveling to other islands who are more advanced than me. I have no idea if they’re barbaric time travelers, but I digress….


The museum

I have reason to believe that the museum will expand exhibits…


After watching enough Law & Order episodes and playing Phoenix Wright. I can say, these small words like “currently” matter. If Blather’s only wanted fossils, fish and bugs, he could’ve said “only”, but Blathers is greedy and he probably also played enough lootbox games to know he has to give the people what they want. What the people want is expansions, they will pay billions and billions and billions of bells for it too.


I know there is already speculation about the photo gallery coming to the game. But i also believe although farfecth’d

No not the Pokemon, but the umm…

This may go out on a whim, but I will say that another expansion for the museum will be birds. Yes, I know Blathers is a night owl, but hear me out( I used to watch Bill Nye the science guy). If I’m wrong, feel free to post on FB and cal this “fake news”, but dinosaurs are close relatives to the bird kingdom. His museum are already showing off these meteor-fried chicken-extended family members. Why not show off some smaller live ones too?

But many may say, “Birds aren’t even in the game.”


May I present Exhibit A: Harvey’s island:


These birds aren’t catch-able, since you can’t use items on Harvey’s island, but they do exist in the game.  But just like the Easter Bunny coming via a “patch” and over time. It could be reasonable to say that this can just be added later, since the game is meant on real time, no one should even in the future, unless they are time travelers.


Let’s look back at the screenshot above. I’ll add it again to take up your browser’s precious memory that takes more RAM than Crysis. Let’s call it Exhibit B:


You can see there are two sets of stairs that go nowhere, but a window. I would say, the art gallery would be on the left an the bird center would be on the right. Blathers understands that people love meta and humans in the real world look at “pre-evolved humans” all the time, so why not study his relatives too and see what makes em all taste like chicken? I’ve seen birds eat chicken, so don’t tell me this isn’t within the realm of reason. 🙂


Okay, to end this article…

Let’s talk about DLC baby

Let’s talk about paid and free.

Going Nook shopping you can see the catalog is vast. With this game “printing money” one can only assume more items are indeed on their way.

I wish I had the bells to have my catalog complete, but I’m only one week in.


Why assume when you have Nintendo News?


You can see a new range of items are on their way. So let’s keep assuming until we cry real tears if it doesn’t or does happen.



With how Nintendo handles DLC I can reasonably expect many paid and free DLC updates as time goes on. Animal Crossing is meant on real time, so players who don’t time travel can in no real way can have experienced the fullness of the game.


That’s it for my predictions.


What do you all think is coming?


Stay tuned on this series for the next parts.

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