If you have not already seen the boneyard match between AJ Styles and the Undertaker, please watch it, as this post contains spoilers.


With the Undertaker winning the match and burying AJ Styles, many people rushed to social media to see if AJ and the OC were alive or did they actually die and get removed from the WWE universe. For days, the profiles of AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson had no activity.


This was until, last night when AJ Styles simply tweeted He’s alive on mixer:


Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson still have not made their debut back into the world of social media it seems, but we can only hope to see if the OC returns as some sort of “undead faction” within the WWE universe….


So far a warrant for the Undertaker’s arrest for the homicide of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows has not been issued.  Please stay tuned as we investigate the dilemma of “no bodies, no charges”

By LeGamerForever

Editor for the pleasant site of SDNIA.com.