Nathan @ SDNIA: Welcome to SDNIA, would you like to introduce yourself?

Thibaut and Maxime: Thanks for receiving us! We are Thibaut and Maxime, two french indies working together for almost 3 years on our first project.


Nathan @ SDNIA: Can you describe your game Heat & Run?


Thibaut and Maxime: Heat and Run is team-based multiplayer game, mixing platformer and shooter styles, available for Windows users only.

Twelve fighters await you. Each one of them has the ability to create small square platforms, which can be used to defend against the enemy arsenal or simply move around. A great curse forces you to defend your fire. This is what  compels you to fight. in the game you must triumph over the enemy by extinguishing their fire before they extinguish yours!



Nathan @ SDNIA: What inspired you to make it?

Thibaut: We both love a lot of team-based games, FPS and MOBA in particular.  To answer your question more, a small flash game named Forteresse Extinction gave us the idea of the Blocks feature.

Maxime: With regard to platformer games, we prefer to learn from rare multiplayer ones like Teeworlds rather than the huge amount of solo adventure platformers that currently exist.


Nathan @ SDNIA: What are your planned platforms the game will launch on?


Thibaut and Maxime:Nothing is still fixed but Steam appears to be adequate to welcome the release.


Nathan @ SDNIA: Is there somewhere people can go to get updates on your game Speaking of updates, when is the next playtest?

Thibaut and Maxime: We are quite active on twitter but the best place to stay tuned is our discord server:

Playtests are organized for our discord community, so we can’t tell you when is the next playtest is just yet…


Nathan @ SDNIA: What feature in the game are you most proud of?

Thibaut : That’s a tough one! Since I’m the only one coding on an handmade engine, I’m kinda proud of the game’s physics, movements, collisions and blocks.

Maxime: I agree, and some of the heroes’ abilities are probably are our bests assets.



Nathan @ SDNIA: How is the global pandemic impacting you?


Maxime: We cancelled some crucial meetings but it’s fine, we stay at home!

Thibaut : We live 600 km from each other so teleworking isn’t new at all.


Nathan @ SDNIA: Do you have a date for the game’s full release?


Maxime & Thibaut : Not really, our next step is the creation of our game studio, required to establish a more  professional product.


Nathan @ SDNIA: What game modes will the game come with?


Maxime & Thibaut : As for now, we want to attract players with only one game mode, for several maps.



Nathan @ SDNIA: Lastly, why should someone play Heat & Run?

Thibaut : If you love “easy to learn, hard to master” games, you should give it a try! Also, if you’re a fan of MOBA or shooter games, we’re pretty sure you’ll have fun in Heat and Run.


Maxime : Yeah, it’s not just the AAA who create great strategic gameplay for multiplayer games. Heat and Run has the advantage of not requiring a big PC configuration to have fun online.


Nathan @ SDNIA: Finally, anything else you will like to say?
Many thanks for this interview Nathan, can’t wait to see your lectors join our small community!


SDNIA: Thanks for joining us.

Maxime & Thibaut : Thank you for having us. See you all in the game soon.


You can find them on Steam also by going to their game page at

*Some corrections were made due to Maxime & Thibaut ‘s primary language being French. Footage and video added in between questions manually by SDNIA*


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