With the amount of student loan debt,it sounds outrageous to not donate back to your university, effectively lowering tuition, and therefore loans.? Well…it’d would be outrageous, if that logic was actually followed through. But what do colleges and universities actually do with your money? 

How many dollars does it take to meaningfully fund a degree? 

For some of you who have been to college and/or graduated you may have opened some mail from your alma mater. You were perhaps filled with glee at the thought they were congratulating you on being a model student, inviting you to the alumni foundation or a sports game. Instead, you saw an envelope with dollar amounts, asking you to help pitch in to keep the lights running or help them combat poverty, under-education, etc.  Meanwhile,  in the United States we see student debt totaling 1.5 trillion dollars, how much more money do universities need to continue? How are so many people on board of directors and yet none areknowledgeable enough to create a surplus where they dont need to “beg for your hard earned money”?

Well, since I don’t know, I guess it’s better to just ask some questions…. Feel free to answer below in the comments section

Where did the funding come from for your university to pay for some new trendy social justice cause?

Where does the funding come from for your university to sponsor events?

Where did the funding for your alma mater come from to donate to some trendy cause?

Where do pensions come from for university employees?

How are tuition and fees from thousands of students not enough to run your university?

Who asked your university to have the vast amount of real estate it has?

Who funds the university ads you may see on your daily commute, online and on your favorite streaming service?

If your university spends money it does not have, why give them more of your money?

And a bonus non-funding related question, but important:

What is the graduation rate for minorities at your university? Is it mysteriously lower than expected?

It’s late here and I have to wake up early to pay off this questionable degree. But please voice your opinions in the comment sections below. 

Photo Credit:  Pixabay

By LeGamerForever

Editor for the pleasant site of SDNIA.com.