Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, is a pretty amazing movie. I saw it on a $5 Tuesday deal and was in the 2nd row quite close to the screen. The incline on the chair allowed the film to remain enjoyable. Okay, now that my cheapness has been discussed let’s move on to the film itself.

Jurassic World starts off by wrangling up our start-studded list of characters. The premise is since the last movie the park has been entirely abandoned and separated from the rest of the world. How the flying creatures remained on the island is beyond me.  In a sort of JAWS way the film shows a team of people extracting a piece of a deceased aquatic dinosaur. Of course, they are not alone and are sentenced to the shadow realm. The cut to “Are you there?!” with the obvious answer being “No, they be dead now bro” warms us up to the amount of murders to come by these people-hungry dinosaurs.

I know that T-Rex’s and raptors are cool and all; but wouldn’t it just be overall best for them to simply create only herbivores and see if the park will still get visitors and stay afloat. It’s not like people go to their local zoo and want to see the animals eating other animals. Sure there are lions, tigers and bears( oh my) at many zoos; but they also aren’t in as huge as a T-Rex is…

Okay, back to the film. Chris Pratt comes in off the bat with some funny jokes and the entire theater was filled with laughter.  The moment I discovered that Justice Smith was in the film I was excited to see the evolution of his character and acting skills. With his character being entirely different from the “Get Out” role he played I was rooting for him to survive in the entire film. Did he survive? Well this film is spoiler free so he is either inside the belly of three dinos or you just are going to have to watch the film to see it.

I can argue that the original trilogy in the series were quite simple in terms of plot, this movie sets this trilogy on another level in terms of plots. The relationships between many of the characters are more dynamic than ever in the series. There was a few moments where I was shocked and taken away about some of the events of the film.

For a good time of light-hearted dinosaur murder with a dash of depth this movie is a go see for you, friends and family.  The movie did feel a bit short; but it may have just been the result of me being quite entertained. I don’t want to give away too much of the plot see the review tallies below…

By LeGamerForever

Editor for the pleasant site of SDNIA.com.