Last week at the big Nintendo E3 direct alot of focus was placed on the upcoming Super Smash Bros game( titled Super Smash bros Ultimate). During the direct it was stated that all previous fighters in earlier games will be making a return. So there, it’s not a port its something entirely new. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is set to release on December 07, 2018.

If this was entirely true this article and the next wave of Nintendo related memes that is arguably better than the beloved Yoshi committing tax fraud would not have existed. What seems to happen is that Walugi was transformed into a wonderful assist trophy for the upcoming Smash Bros Ultimate game. Why this decision was made, no one knows apparently.

Waluigi has always co-starred along his “evil” brother Wario. So it may be fair to say he gets no appearance because he has no solo games. But this would also eliminate many others from the roster…. I have been an avid Smash Bros fighter in my life and I have not chosen Waluigi before. I may have to fire up the Wii U version to see what all of the fuss is about.

My prediction is that Waluigi will be a “Guest Character” one can unlock during missions in the game’s story mode and/or other hidden objectives. If you love Waluigi or just the new waves of memes feel free to comment below.


Until next time Waluigi #1 to be left to the shadow realm!


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