When in the course of certain events, it becomes necessary to review films like this… It was one joyous Sunday morning where I rolled out of bed to see this film with a good friend of mine for that glorious early bird cheap ticket price. As we walked into the theatre my friend was saying he hope he doesn’t get too scared since he hasn’t seen a horror film in a loooong time. I simply laughed and said, “It’s not gonna be as scary as the Collector”.

As the film began it started off with some boring looking article of the summation of the grandmother of the family in the movie. It then cut to the family preparing for this “awkward funeral”. The daughter Annie( played by Toni Collette) was giving a very shitty eulogy for her on mother. Even if you have mother issues, there is no need to tell the whole damn people at the funeral that. Just say you happy she fed you growing up and you hope to see her again or something…

Now the film goes onward and focuses on the grieving family. Since the film is labeled Hereditary one has to wonder from the start whose genetic code is going to screw over the family the most in the film. It turns out the father(Steve, played by Gabriel Bryne) is simply going to have to deal with his wife’s messed up side of the family in the film. The family is comprised of Steven, Toni and their children Charlie( a 13 year old  girl played by Milly Sharpio) and Peter( a high school boy played Alex Wolf).

Due to the nature of this movie it’s a bit tough to review without spoilers. So here comes the events of the movie…

Toni is going to a grieving anonymous meeting and constantly lying to her husband Steve that she is simply going out to see a random movie. What sort of dumb ass would think it’s that many good movies out at once? With Disney releasing alot of movies this year, one could only assume she is seeing a couple of movies twice or snorting things from a dealer whose name is Brian with a y… For those unfamiliar with these sort of anonymous 12-step or self-help groups it’s usually a group of people struggling or have “overcome” an issue and meet together to go over their struggles, success and life stories. It may also come with some reading. For the sake of Hollywood, they just skipped to the story telling parts of members in the group.

Toni of course spills the beans that her mom died and she doesn’t really care, but she cares, but cares-ish… The group consoles her and thanks her for coming. She rushes home and sneaks into bed.  This is a theme throughout the movie. Grief mixed with the viewer knowing something is going to hit the fan soon…

Fast forward to the real good action. Charlie( the little girl) and Peter have a rather dynamic relationship. To best describe it Charlie is a tomboy that behaves like she listens to “Numb” and “Bring Me to Life” on a daily basis. Peter on the other hand is a social weed smoker who dozes off in class often and checks out chicks on a daily basis. To save the debate, these two personalities are not really mixing much in the film that seems to be devoid of action for an entire hour….

To spice things up, Toni gives Peter permission to attend a party only if he takes his little sister. He agrees and says he will not drink. This little tool was being honest, but he is going to smoke weed and leave his little sister with a bunch of strangers. If only he said no to drugs the movie could’ve just ended here. But to scare us the film had him ditch his little sister at the party where she eats some cake that apparently had peanuts in it. She walks up to him and says something along the lines of “I don’t feel too good Mr. Stark”. In a fatal moment we can sit back with Thanos and say, “Finally, it worked…” As he rushes to the hospital to try and save his sister he swerves past a deer with his little sister unable to breathe. She of course opens up the window and places her head outside the window for air. In this moment you see a pole and Charlie’s head on a near collision. A switch back to Peter’s reckless driving and a thump is heard. In this moment Charlie is instantly murdered through collision-with-pole decapitation. The entire threatre went silent here and cried for a moment.

In horror films the kids are rarely the first to die on screen. Hereditary experienced it’s highest point right here. In a rather shocking twist Peter takes his foot off the gas and goes into park mode. He knows that his sister head is near the pole, but instead of calling the police, parents or even gathering the head he simply slowly drives home with a tear going down his face. This was a very somber moment for everyone. IF only Peter had said no to drugs, his sister would still be alive and the film could’ve simply been about warning us against not carrying an epi-pen on you and avoiding mary-jane….

As Peter arrives home he sneaks past his parents and goes to bed. When he wakes up his mother discovers her be-headed daughter in the car and this is where he gains her award nomination. She mourns Charlie as Waluigi fans mourns his absence in Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s announcement as a playable characters.  Charlie’s dad Steve consoles her and behaves like Metroid Prime 4 should’ve been shown at E3 2018…With tears, weeping with all her strength and the loud cries of one who ran out of mild sauce with a large order of fries.

The film goes to a closed casket funeral for the poor victim of her pot-head brother Peter. As one can safely assume she goes to the grieving anonymous group. This time she gets to the parking lot and is decides she doesn’t want to go. Enter scene left is a old woman named Joan( played by Ann Dowd). She says she remembers Toni from the last meeting and gives away her phone number. They develop a friendship and meet randomly to discuss their mourning process. Flash forward the relationship between Toni and Peter is going to crap and we are also seeing that Peter somehow survived an attempted abortion….

Joan introduces her to some sort of magic to talk to her deceased daughter and apparently it works. With special effects you can see Charlie drawing things and doing all sorts of weird things. Peter is like super-weirded out about these things and thinks that Charlie is out to murder him. From here the weak father-figure Steve trying to bring some sanity to the madness that is about to happen.

Toni discovers that she in fact has been betrayed by Joan to recite some sort of ritual that will in turn destroy her family and take her son Steve. All the while she seems to be more estranged from her family and Steve basically is done with her. She attempts to destroy the art-pad that Charlie is using to stop the spell. But in some BS-movie logic if she does that she will also die. So she begs her husband to do it. He refuses and says he will send her to a mental home as he takes care of their son. She in a moment of motherly love decides to save the family, but for some BS-movie logic it only kills her husband Steve when she burns the book by him being set ablazed. One could only dare imagine why this is the case….

So with only Toni and Peter its a race to the finish line. Toni is then fully taken over by the BS-movie logic and has no control of herself anymore. She rushes to attempt to kill her own son. Peter runs for his life to the emo-tree house of Charlie where he sees a bunch of old naked people. He commits suicide by jumping out of the tree house. Then the film gets silent for a little while and we see some blue blur enter his body. He then gets up and is taken over by some false god.

As he makes his way to see these naked people we can see his sister’s decapitated body bowing before him, his grandmother( who is labeled as a queen) and the weird creepy naked people bowing before him… He is crowned and a we hear an old female voice explain all of the BS-movie logic for us.

So now for the verdict…

By LeGamerForever

Editor for the pleasant site of SDNIA.com.