The following review is based on myself purchasing this game as an average consumer. Sadly, we don’t have enough pull yet to get free review copies…

Just Dance 2018 is the newest game in the franchise so far by Ubisoft. With Just 2019 just around the corner for an E3 announcement most likely, I thought it will be nice to post this review.

Just Dance 2018 is filled with many K-Pop, Pop, Rock, “Classics” and more. The game features many modes and bonuses. One thing that I completely forgot about was the Just Dance paid subscription service to unlock hundreds more songs than the ones built in. To be honest, most of those songs are better than the “free ones”. Do not get me wrong, I’m sure you can remain happy if you never purchase the paid content, but some great hits will surely be missing if you ever want to get a Just Dance group together with some friends.

The game supports mobile devices as well up to six-joycons. Each joycon is typically used as a separate player, except for the few songs that require both hands.  I have been doing the full motion of each dance and I have recently fallen in love for the fitness mode and watching hundreds of calories burned in each session.

I was able to purchase the game on sale for only $30 bucks, if you can I would say go for it. $60 is a bit steep with 2019 on the way in this annual franchise.

The online play and 90 day subscription to hundreds of more songs is pretty cool, as well as the section for kids songs that also feature many pleasant Disney songs. If you are looking for a cool casual game with motion controls or want to do some extra calorie burning Just dance 2018 will be for you.  So until next review, Just Dance!

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