Ever since it’s announcement a couple of weeks back, Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version for Nintendo Switch has been a bit of a controversial topic.

For starters the game is currently only available in Japan and as the name suggest it’s in the cloud. Meaning you need a stable online connection to basically stream it to your switch from a “high end PC” located in a server somewhere in Japan.  Follow that up with the pricing model which is roughly $18 for a 6 month rental. Any gamesave you have will be stored in Capcoms cloud but once your trial is over they’re subject to deletion… At the very least you have 15 minutes to try out the game as a demo.

We all know that cloud gaming will be part of the future. That’s not up for debate the problem is that right now it’s simply not all that feasible. Specially when you live outside of Japan for this little experiment. There’s been alot of people attempting to play it but can’t even get it to boot up. Meanwhile the usual Gamexplain guys posted a really hastily put together video where they attempt to play it in California and quickly get disconnected.

Here we have a video of someone playing the game in Japan and it’s a whole different experience:

To us it seems like this is a trial for Capcom, A way for them to provide high end experience games to Switch owners without  the need of putting in the work of porting the game.
It may seem lazy to some but it’s something we may end up seeing more of.

What do you guys think, is Cloud gaming the future for Switch?

By Ghero

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