Updated 4/29/2018 18:46 CST

I know I have not been posting for a few days I apologize for that due to the fact that I Have been working like crazy boo boo cry me a river ?!

Anyways I want to talk about God Of War that just came out last Friday and how I was excited to finally play and see if what they said about this game is true. I for one can say that I am really amazed on how they put together such a great game. I mean the graphics and the mechanics of the game just pulls you right in right from the start it’s like you’re in a movie that places you in full control.

This God Of War may win Game Of The Year in my opinion, because it’s that darn good. This game will have you hooked from the moment you put the disc in your system to the moment you start playing. I have not beaten the game yet due to me playing on the hardest difficulty (Give Me God Of War)  Definitely not easy it’s a challenge but I’m loving ever moment of it.

I hope that there will be be some DLC content because I would love to do more fun things after I beat the game but for now I am content with what i am playing ?.

Check out the trailer below if you not convinced:

By Heel Davis

29 years of age. Father of a Beautiful angel ?. I work for the things I have and want in life. Huge Gamer and WWE Fan why? Because it’s still real to us!