This show is simply amazing. I have not been able to get to this review for some time, due to some issues with my HBO GO account, but that is all fixed and I have binged on the first five episodes of season 5.  So let’s begin….

With a name like “Grow Fast or Die Slow” the episode could have went multiple ways. The episode lets us know that Elrich Bachman is gone, “presumed dead”. If you have been following the show, you will see why he is gone.  The episode does not do much to go into that tho. It chooses to focus on the huge sum of money invested into Pied Piper.

We of course have Dinesh and Gilfoyle arguing over who to hire. For some odd reason they picked a group of people who they deemed to be “simply incredible”. All of this would of fanned out nicely, if the company was not short staffed. The bickering between them and Richard was pretty good for dialogue. The substantial amount of non-tech skilled based discrimination was a bit funny. Not sure how they knew the guy was alt-right, but it was funny. Getting rid of black emojis was also a golden moment.

Of course where will this shown be without Belson and Hooli? We can see that decision to sign over the patent has caused a bit of a stir of the pot. What was rather shocking here is these employees were basically given money just to do nothing. I do not know if they will be used later in the season. This clfff hanger I hope is fixed later.

The classic part of this episode was the company called “Slice-Line”. I do not want to give too much of it away, but I feel it saved this episode and made it quite hilarious. Over all a fresh and funny start to the season.


By LeGamerForever

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