It is a bit late to be posting reviews, but life is busy. So let’s dive in. Please note this review is filled with spoilers. So if you have not seen the episode yet on Hulu, please watch it and then see this review to compare your opinion later….

In the season finale of Looming Tower it goes straight to the terrible historic event of 9/11. We see John O’ Neil in the Tower watch room watching it all happen. All of the episodes leading up to this one made us think for John O’ Neil. He worked with the FBI trying to stop this from happening. Due to the forced resignation he was left powerless to even attempt to stop this even further.

The episode then begins to show the damage from the first and second tower. The news reports of America being under attack was intense to relive. With the show being aired after an entire generation of kids who have not witnessed 9/11 first hand this made it even more intense. Seeing the firefighters risking and sacrificing their lives to attempt to save people in the towers and after they crashed was a superb job.

Now the show did not just get political, but it almost felt like seeds of conspiracy was placed into the minds of viewers. To begin, we can start off in the scene where the Saudi family is given an exception to leave the country during the temporary flight ban. To goal was shown to help with Middle Eastern relations and in hope to capture Bin Laden, but the presentation looked like the Bush Administration had other objectives.

To nail this point home even more, there is that scene where Condoleeza Rice wants to place the blame on Iraq. For comment from other characters all we got was a leading “what”. We all know Iraq was invaded eventually, but to put this in this episode was a bit of a stretch.

Another gripe I had with this episode was the lack of time given to the victims of 9/11. There was some footage of the New York looking like a War Zone covered in smoke; but that was essentially it. The death count was also shown. One interesting thing to note is there was zero mention of the plane in which the hijacking attempt failed and led to the plane crashing in a field. The show is called “The Looming Tower”, but this was quite important. This may have been due to time issues; but, I do not know.

Overall the episode was great. At the end where we see Bin Laden’s former body guard admit to Agent  Ali Soufan that Al Queda is not practicing Islam practically is a tear-moving moment. Love, peace, honesty and worship was the nail being hammered.

When we all hear the emotional message by John O’ Neil to his girlfriend we all knew it was too late for him.  Although the show pictured him much of an adultery, all we cared about was his human side and him being a victim at this point.


The show highlighted all of the ways the event may have been avoided. Another nail to hammer in was how many people simply said, “I don’t know who to blame, but I’ll find out for you later” was a heavy nail. The state failed to protect it’s citizens and as the episode ended we mourned over the rogue John who tried to protect them and in the end he died.

After visiting the 9/11 memorial last summer this episode weighed more in my heart.

The episode was not perfect, but it was still good. This series is a Hulu Originally, only available on Hulu.

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