20th April 2018

Resurrection in the morgue

The development team How to Dev a Morgue will release the first episode of the 2D adventure HOW TO DIE IN A MORGUE as a free download via itch.io on 20th April. In this pixel art adventure, you play as the mafioso Marcello who searches for a family memento in the local morgue. Embark on an adventure full of black humor, unexpected events and human abysses. Features as overview:

* four rooms in pixel look
* morgue setting
* crazy riddles & black humor
* 15 minutes of gameplay
* atmospheric soundtrack
* German and English localization
* first episode for free (Mac & Windows)

In typical adventure fashion, the player examines his environment and overcomes numerous challenges. How to die in a Morgue does mostly without an interface so that it does not distract from the actual experience. There is no inventory, the player can only carry one item at a time.

The first episode of How to die in a Morgue offers a playtime of about 15 minutes. The game is available for Windows and Mac. You can switch from German to English localization anytime.

TRAILER https://youtu.be/2iMiBNlZLok [2]


https://howtodieinamorgue.itch.io/how-to-die-in-a-morgue [3]

WEB http://www.howtodieinamorgue.de [6]


For the development of How to die in a Morgue was the indie team How to Dev a Morgue responsible. This is the first game for the group as a team. The development team consists of four members who are situated throughout Germany. Daniel Rottinger is responsible for the production and the technical implementation. Susanne Hardt, who studies film music in Potsdam, creates the soundtrack and sound design for the game. Jurij Macker, who is about to complete his BA in online media, designs the pixel art for the game. As trained foreign language correspondent, Michael Eifert is responsible for the English localization. The first episode’s development of How to die in a Morgue took nine months and was made with the RPG Maker MV engine.


By LeGamerForever

Editor for the pleasant site of SDNIA.com.