So WWE decided to add Roman Reigns to yet another title match in Saudi Arabia ?? 4/27/18 against the reigning undisputed Universal Champion Broooooock Lesnarrrrr! I wonder why because every time he Faces Brock in the ring, he gets his ass beat time after time after time again. Somehow Roman still claims he is the only one who can defeat Brock Lesnar…. Sure…

I beg to differ because just like Samoa Joe said on this past episode of RAW “Fact is You haven’t got the Job done and you never will”. I know this guy AKA the big dog can not and will not get the job done why because it’s freaking Brock Lesnar AKA Suplex City B***h! Now I could be wrong and Roman actually win this Cage Match but from the past ass beatings eh I think the same result will happen.

I’m tired of Roman being handed all these opportunities when you have much better Talent who deserves it.… cough cough Braun Strowman ? Bobby Lashley ? Finn Balor the list goes on even Jinder Mahal could be your next Universal Champion since he is now on RAW after the superstar shakeup. All in All Roman Deserves every ass beating he got coming to him why? Because that’s what’s best for business and because Heel Davis says so!!!

By Heel Davis

29 years of age. Father of a Beautiful angel ?. I work for the things I have and want in life. Huge Gamer and WWE Fan why? Because it’s still real to us!