As pictured above you can see a total nightmare of essentially all games being given a Battle Royale Mode. With this week having tons of echo-chamber of Call of Duty possibly ditching it’s single player, what will the gaming universe look like by 2020?

It is no secret that PUBG and Fortnite have been quite the fan-favorite this year, only time will tell how many publishers may want a shot at all of that glorious cash. Due to the forces of supply and demand it may be impossible to get so many IPs to copy Fortnite, but how many IPs will be able to successfully? With many glorious IPs untouched for years this may cause publishers to divert even less time to single player experiences. Not every company has an Iwata-san to put profits after innovation and fun. Engines like  Unity, Unreal and Godot may help small studios even copy the formula and rush to market. Just because a game may appear to be easy to copy, we all know things like budgets, technical hiccups and other resources will make it much harder to implement. A company as powerful as most AAA can pull it off; but will it be wise to do so?

Many gamers are predicting numerous announcements of their popular franchises getting a Battle Royale Mode. Personally, I predict at most three new games with the mode. If the number is higher than that, we may be in for quite an adventure. Regardless of all of the clone  one thing is for certain, snipers are overpowered.


Image Source:  Bardock Obama, Reddit Thread.

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