Please take with a grain of salt and pepper. As pictured above, one eager gamer has taken a photo in a WalMart where the Nintendo Labo was in the public space. Among the numerous comments, others have not confirmed if they were actually able to purchase the product. With many stores unable to sell games due to the digital inventory  system, who knows if some young kid or kid at heart already has built his Giant Cardboard robot or not.

Imagine coming to a lecture Hall at Harvard or MIT and showing your classmates the Nintendo Labo. The professor may just cancel the class and see where s/he can get the epic creative product.  Robots, fishing, piano playing and more. All a guy needs is a bottle of whiskey and he is living the life of a legend.

This may have been a mistake by a few Wal-Mart employees who were pre-gaming for the 4/20 Holiday.  April 20, 2018 of course is the street date, we do not believe a mid-night release is happening. I could be wrong…

We won’t be able to determine if the devil’s lettuce, God of War, or Nintendo Labo generate the most sales this weekend. If the FBI, CIA or NSA can help with that, that would be splendid.

So, which of the three are you planning to pick up this weekend. I’m sure alot of people would like to know…


Source: S.Jaradat‎( Facebook Comrade)

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