ACRIMONY features Taraji P. Henson portraying Melinda an “angry black women”.  With the film being made by Tyler Perry one could only assume she is angry because a black make “did her wrong.” While this may be part of the story, the film digs deeper into the anger by doing a bit of vocabulary.  The anger is partly logical and also stems from downright insanity.

The film starts off in court with Melinda being warned by the judge not to continue her insanity or she will be put in jail for at least 40 days. After this scene we are taken to the unseen Psychiatrist who is questioning the “heroine” of the movie. This of course leads to the cliche flashback of ,”record scratch… I guess you are wondering how I got into this position” moment. Luckily for the audience the film did not do the record scratch or say those words.

Without ruining too much of the story, Taraji falls in love with a extremely “broke and manipulative” black male(who is also a student). Fans of the hit series Empire would be happy to know that the “young Cookie Lyon”( Ajiona Alexus) is also young Melinda in ACRIMONY .  If this happens again, I’m going to need to see a DNA test.

In this rather comedic thriller we can see the emotions of Melinda deteriorate with her family and friends trying to save her. One wonderful thing by the editing team is the use of vocabulary words with their definitions and synonyms to begin the many scenes. While seeing the movie many of the movie goers were commenting on the comedic value of this. It really is a treat.

The film has a few rough spots at the beginning with the “unrealistic” behaviors of some on the characters. Some things had to just be accepted in order to keep the plot thick and logical. If you can get your brain to calm down, I will say you will enjoy the film. The film touches on many pressing issues that couples face throughout all walks of life. The “villain”(played by Lyriq Bent and Antonio Madison) of the film is not in the same field as “Killmonger”. I’m a bit unsure if I can also take his side fully in this film.

In terms of being a Tyler Perry movie is a big step up from the previous films I seen from him. The audience, myself and family were laughing through out the film.  The film is cast as a thriller, but if you do not find yourself laughing you may need to talk to someone about that. If you have some downtime I would say go and see the movie.  It’s not perfect, but it’s a decent movie.


Feel free to watch the trailer below:

The film is Rated R, so tell your kids to go to Aunt Sue’s while watching.

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