Wow, with the Raw and SmackDown after Mania tearing the house down, another event must step it’s game up. This event being of course the Superstar Shakeup. With it being on the three hour show, in theory all of the trades should have more than enough time. There may be some sneaky surprises on SmackDown Live as well, but who knows.

With all “drafts” and “shakeups” one must never forget the NXT roster as many superstars often get called up.


So here are our predictions for the RAW show tonight.


United States Championship and Intercontinental Championship swap.

This may have seen a bit far off, but let me explain. It does not seem like the WWE universe wants another long Jinder versus Randy feud. This will help end this feud, by simply leaving Orton to win and not give Jinder his rematch clause. For those saying that doesn’t work, see Finn Balor for the Universal title…  Seth Rollins will be joining Smackdown with The Miz.

The Shield goes to Smackdown, while the Club goes to RAW

This may be a tough one, since SDLive is the home that AJ Styles built! RAW can use the Club for the ratings and have a MEGA faction that is not injured.  I hope I’m right, as with the Shield on SDLive and the 4-man Club on RAW alot of crazy things can happen. If Shane turns heel, they can have a new authority to face as well.  AJ Styles sells Tickets and so does Roman.

Alicia Fox challenges Rousey

Due to that drama during the Wrestlemania weekend. Make her face Rousey on RAW…Best for business…

Nikki Cross gets called up with or without the SAnitY

That crazy gun can do some damage.  Them together can take a few belts. Sanity seems to be out of the Tag Team title picture, but they can be put back in on RAW or Smackdown. Nikki Cross can also be a wild card for the womens division; which is a bit stale at the moment.

Neville returns and is drafted to SmackDown Live

A man can only dream. When the King of the Cruiserweights left his throne; maybe, he also left his division. Put this man in the picture to secure a MEGA grandslam championship run. As far as I know his contract did not expire…

Curt Hawkins sent to Smackdown in exchange for FanDango

No disrespect, but RAW could use the Fashion Files. SmackDown can also revive Curt Hawkins and make him a winning heel.

Naomi & Natalya traded to RAW

Feel the glow in red.

Mandy Rose goes to Smackdown

Corey Graves follows or quits…

Heath Slater traded to Smackdown Live

Good bye tag team. He still has kids…

Rusev, Lana and Aiden goes to RAW

Happy Rusev day, by the way. They will go and win championships. Starting with the Tag Belts.

Tye Dillinger goes to RAW

Make RAW a Perfect 10.


Dolph Ziggler goes to RAW

I know alot of people going to RAW. Anyone else coming to Smackdown?


Big Cass goes to SmackDown.

Have him in the new title picture. Best for business. Surely that man is recovered by now…


Elias goes to SmackDown.

Walk With Elias to a new show yall. Them concerts be L.I.T.


Samoa Joe follows Reigns to SmackDown

Let this feud die there…


So all of these predictions may be outlandish, but who knows it could be best for business….


Just remember a broken clock is right twice a day. I hope my predictions can beat that record. 

Also for a drinking game. If anyone turns heel on the shakeup drink a glass of Dr. Pepper or anything in your fridge….

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