This weekend, Starbucks was part of a controversy where two men were arrested and kicked out of their location store. Naturally, the country was somehow split on the issue of why the men were kicked out. A local store employee called the police and accused the men of trespassing.  This Philadelphia Starbucks location  is being protested by many.  Thousands across social media are  protesting the company as a whole. Of course social justice warriors did not delay creating a new hashtag; meanwhile,  others are eager to say, “Thoughts and Prayers for Philadelphia”

One question that lingers on everyone’s mind, “Wait, isn’t Starbucks the place you go to and chill and optionally buy a coffee or something?” For one employee this was not the opinion. The real issue may be deeper than this question. Up until this point I have not gone into details about the incident on purpose in hopes you have not read or heard of this story already. The key problem with this story is not that “two men were arrested in Starbucks for doing nothing”, but indeed that “two BLACK men were arrested in Starbucks for doing nothing”. If you guessed the victims in this story was black, no need to gamble it all on black in the casino.  These men did not buy a venti soy latte, they were given venti soy police cuffs. The country has since been enraged stating, “If they were white, the employee would’ve not cared who was in that store.”

The CEO of Starbucks has arranged a meeting with the two men who were arrested and has went on record to state he will do what he can to prevent this from happening again.  As a Chicagoan and black guy I have went to plenty of different StarBucks around the city and used the restroom and left( without purchase). I have also been in meetings in a Starbucks.  I was shocked when I heard a Starbucks employee would call the police on two patrons in Philadelphia. Thankfully, no one was physically harmed in the incident. Prosecutors are also not pursuing this case. So let’s hope the who men are either given a life time worth or free Starbucks or something.

The only suggestion I can make in this instance is say that Starbucks must retrain their employees to prevent this incident. If Starbucks does not want people waiting in their locations for friends, chilling and/or using the restroom without payment they must state this in writing at every location and on their website.  The employee has not been punished for this incident and it’s really a coin toss if he does. If I am thirsty for a tall mocha frappuccino I would return, but I hope that this never occurs again for any unsuspecting human.


According to Twitter, the men were in jail for nine hours.


Here is a video taken of the incident.


What do you think of this case? What could’ve made the employee call the cops on these guys? What should be the next steps going forward? Will you be drinking a Tall Coffee from Starbucks again? Will World War III happen this month?

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