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Rick and Morty Season 4 is seemingly a toss up, like a new South Park season or the Simpsons at this point. Over time, Rick and Morty fans have called the show “The Best show ever made” and “My religion”. What is so good about Rick and Morty that would generate this sort of fan applause and reaction?


One thing is that is for starters a show on Adult Swim meaning it is an adult animation( no not the one with all of the tentacle ones).  Shows like Rick and Morty being centered for adults is able to go more in depth about things many around the world are thinking, but can not actively express. One key theme of Rick and Morty is its rather nihilistic view of humanity. Alot of people have come to terms with their existentialist crisis and allow shows like Rick and Morty to add a bit of comedy to it.


One key theme of Rick and Morty is its rather nihilistic view of humanity.


In a rather subjective way the show is downright funny and unique in he lends of a rather smart and alcoholic grandfather just does not give a flying damn. His grandson Morty is seen as the timid and subtly funny character who is always chasing the cute looking girl across the way.


So, you may be wondering, why is the fan-base dreaded? There are a few things to start off with the McDonald’s selling the sauce mentioned on Rick and Morty. With countless fans angered that they ran out of sauce.


Possibly, the biggest problem is many of it’s fans constantly shouting, “I’m Pickle Rick!” The bit is indeed funny, but does it need a $300 T-Shirt or your favorite discord to have the phrase quoted randomly?


In my humble opinion, Rick and Morty fans are not the worse. They just are excited about a show that expresses them on a more down to earth level, even if that level goes to random dimensions of space, time and such.


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Until next time, “I’m picle rick bi&&es!”

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