If you have been watching WWE recently, you may have noticed there has been promotions going on for a special event called “The Greatest Royal Rumble”. The title sounds epic, after all this year alone we had the first Womens Royal Rumble in January. The match will feature 50 WWE superstars instead of the classic 30. Big names were recently announced such as Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle and Shelton Benjamin. The Undertaker, after decimating Cena  at WresltleMania 34 has been given a match against Rusev.

Happy Rusev Day to everyone.

With championship matches also to be part of the show, what can go wrong? Well, for starters no women wrestler has been announced for the event… This would be a giant surprise, if the event was hosted in the USA. The event is hosted in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This event is the first of a longterm partnership between the WWE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The length of such partnership is unknown.


WWE fans have since expressed their opinion of the event and many have vowed to cancel their network subscriptions because of it. With Paige, being the newly appointed SDLive Manager one would dare to say the women’s revolution should be featured in the kingdom. The key issue is the kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not have the same kind stance in regards to women in combat sports. Here is a number of quotes from the good ole twitter:



and last, but not least


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