It’s the year 2018. What a time it is to be alive!  Many people may be wondering, what is the purpose of this site? Why should we waste our time investing in another site among the millions of millions and millions of web-pages already scattered around the internet?


I have only a few solid words as a response; but they are:

“SDNIA will not be an echo chamber, but will truly change the narrative of current events and more!”


What does that mean? Every go through your news feed and see news stories that look like hundreds of reports are simply copy and paste jobs with seven ads to make you piss you off even further?


At SDNIA, if our opinion is already somewhere, else we won’t even bother reporting on it. What good is it to subscribe to another site, if its just a giant echo chamber or what everyone else is saying?


We want to think critically about whats going on around the world. We want to explore the unexplored and also invite you along the journey with us.


It’s the year 2018 and it’s about damn time someone stepped up to the plate and made PURE RAW PASSIONATE JOURNALISM the era of the modern human.


So, that’s SDNIA summed up. I hope you can stick around for your articles, productions and media.

By LeGamerForever

Editor for the pleasant site of