Epic Action Rideshare News: Formerly known as Sexy Action Rideshare News

Sexy Action Rideshare News: Hello fellow rideshare drivers and welcome to SARN!

We are live at ORD! This mofo is packed af. 7 cars double parked and we have no guarantee those in the handicap spots are actually handicap. What’s funny is there is an empty spot right by me, but many are so focused on double parking they can’t see the open spots. And….that spot is gone! There is now trapp music being played on my left and some StarTrek sounding show on my righr. I guess bring your headphones or roll up your window. Mofos also skate boarding in this biii**h.

Next up is stats, the national vomit index rate is at 12%. The stock markets seem to be doing better, the chance of surge rate is at 10%, while the chance of tipping is at 17%.

Now onto our final story, a fellow driver we will call Ian was ruthlessly attacked by 2 crazy white chicks after refusing to drive them and their oversized party. Enraged the priveledged girl attacked the victim and called him racist names. The police were called and legal actions will be taken soon.Although he did not defend himself, many drivers have decided if it was them they would beat these cra*kers into an OJ walks free verdict. President Trump has yet to comment on the incident since 2 more hurricanes are on the way and someone called the other one Jose. With the new anti-DACA actions taken of the current administration many wonder if hurricane Jose will even touch the border. That’s it for today.

Mike AsianName back to you…

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