Standards and Practices

Last Updated: April 9, 2018

Below is a brief overview of how SDNIA implements ethics within journalism all while being an subsidiary of PawByte. Our goal is to prevent any conflict of interest, misrepresentation and violation of the respect of the public. So let’s dive in.



When any review from SDNIA is published it will be written by those who have not been involved in the product or service being reviewed. In the event a PawByte related product is made to be reviewed it will either be outsourced to a third party that has been rigorously investigated to be honest an not conflicted to produce a good score simply because they were chosen to write the review.

For all other third party reviews, great care will be taken to make sure no unethical practices are made including but not limited to gifts, monetary donations or insider information.



With PawByte being the owner of, all PawByte related announcements and products will be clearly marked as the “product or service of SDNIA’s parent company PawByte. SDNIA’s purpose is not to sell PawByte goods or services. Although since some of our content may involve developments by PawByte strict care will be taken to make sure that SDNIA behave as a neutral bystander. Reviewers or PawByte created content will be third party to the development and publisher team of PawByte


NDAs, Embargoes and Common Courtesy

Non-disclosure agreements are important documents meant to contain important information. SDNIA will respect NDAs that it may sign. If it somehow comes across  classified information it will not publish it and will make every effort to remove it from user generated content.

Many products have embargo before being reviewed. If we somehow acquire a copy of a game before its release date, we will not publish a review or preview on the embargoed product.  As a common courtesy it is imperative that we behave prudently in all we do and post. Our goal is to publish reviews as close to their street dates as possible.


Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement

Copyright is a serious matter. If one of our posts somehow contain copyrighted content please notify us at . The same can be said for content suspect of plagiarism. With user based comment system this applies as well. Fair-Use policy is one thing, but blatant copyright infringement is another.


Thank you for using SDNIA. If there is something we missed here, do not hesitate to let email. Do not want to be an evil monopoly or anything.

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